300 HR Teacher Training Program

Prerequisites: Partcipants should have already completed a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

Weekend Time Commitment: Each Fall, starting in September.
Once a month on a weekend for 9 months. Friday – Sunday:

  • Friday: 4:45—9:00pm

  • Saturday: 11:00am—7:00pm

  • Sunday: 10:00am—6:00pm

After completion of the 300 Hour Simply Yoga Teacher Training, participant will be designated a 500 Hour Registered Yoga Trainer with Yoga Alliance accredidtion.

Looking for CE CREDITS?

Yoga Alliance CE credits available each weekend – 7 CE (YACEP). 
Participation Requirements for CE: Friday night session and Saturday from 11:00—3:00pm. (Those taking the coursework for CE cannot apply CE AND hours toward 300hr Training certificate. The full weekend would need to be taken in the future.)
Pricing for Continuing Education Credits only (7 CE per session):  $150/module



  • $495 per Module – includes materials

  • Prepay 4 modules regular price $1980, bulk price $1880 ($100 savings)

  • Prepay 9 modules regular price $4455, bulk price $3995 ($460 savings)

Pricing for Continuing Education Credits only (7 CE per session):  $150/module


2019/20 Training Session Schedule

September 13-15, 2019   


Students will participate in an in-depth study of the Yoga Sutras. By furthering sutra education, participants will relate and create connections to personal experience.  The result will be to strengthen personal teaching styles and further personal missions and passions.

Instructors: Chrissy Sherry, ERYT-500 and Susan Bowen-Cressman, ERYT-200, RYT-500


October 11—13, 2019


In this course, students will concentrate on advanced anatomy and learn ways to observe how different bodies react in different poses.  Participants will then learn what patterns might be apparent and how those can be aided with assists or modifications, and learn to identify the difference between a physical block an emotional block and how that relates and affects the anatomy of the yoga practice. Learn to identify and analyze postural patterns in students do the most effective physical assist can be applied.

Instructor: Chrissy Sherry, ERYT-500, Susan Bowen-Cressman, ERYT 200, RYT 500, and Juan Romero, Certified Thai Bodywork Practioner


November 1-3, 2019

Module 3.300: Rise and fly

Pushing yourself as an instructor to step out of your comfort zone and peer back into your teaching from new heights. Styles of yoga are continuing to shift, change, and move beyond the set poses we are so familiar with and this training not only helps you change your view, but shift your perspective of what is working and what could be turned upside down. We are teaming up with one of the BEST arial instructors to take your comfort zone, wrap it up in silk, and spin it on its head while taking flight. Bonus certification added! (This training weekend takes place at RISE Aerial Yoga, 3119 West Jefferson St., Joliet, IL

Instructor: Chrissy Sherry, ERYT-500 and Carrie Hickok, RISE Aeiral Yoga


December 6—8, 2019

Module 4.300: Yin Yoga; Mad Props to Restorative and Meditation for Dummies

In this course, participants will dive deep into Yin \oga. Its dynamics, history, and unique physical practice will be studied. The physical practice of Yin will be explored in several classes where trainees will experience the poses. Using discussion and demonstration, trainees will receive an all-encompassing understanding of the chakra system, the anatomical areas of the body where it’s held, and the benefits of it's understanding for a yoga teacher. The art and practice of meditation will also be studied, and students will learn how to lead a 10 and 30 minute long meditation.

Instructor: Chrissy Sherry, ERYT-500, Susan Bowen-Cressman, ERYT 200, RYT 500


January 17—19, 2020

Module 5.300: advanced energy work

Using discussion and demonstration, trainees will deepen their understanding of how the following practices are conducted, both historically and today: Reiki, Acupuncture, Tai Chi, Ayurveda, Reflexology, and chakra work. Students will learn to understand how each individual practice is taught and why and study the effects of these teachings.

Instructor: Chrissy Sherry, ERYT-500, Susan Bowen-Cressman, ERYT 200, RYT 500


February 21-23, 2020


This training will focus on teaching practices that meet the needs of EVERY body. Students will learn how to flex their teaching skills and direct them to meet the needs of special populations such as senior citizens, physical or mentally challenged students, children and more.  Using observation, practice teaching, feedback, and discussion, trainees will leave this training better equipped to broaden their opportunities to teach by using the skills discussed. 

Instructor: Chrissy Sherry, ERYT-500, Susan Bowen-Cressman, ERYT 200, RYT 500


March 20—22, 2020

Module 7.300: Advanced Sequencing and teaching down the middle

Students will examine the traditional Vinyasa Flow Asana practice. Building from there, the traditional sequence will be redesigned to create challenging and creative flows. Participants will then demonstrate and teach their nontraditional practice.  Emphasis will be given on transitioning in and out of advanced postures or from one pose into another which is not traditionally placed in the same sequential order. Analyzing the benefits of placing poses together in a non-traditional style. Taking it further trainees will work with pushing boundaries and learn to appropriately reach ALL students. Pushing beyond the middle of the class, trainees will gain the knowledge to create a personal experience for students in a group setting.

Instructor: Chrissy Sherry, ERYT-500, Susan Bowen-Cressman, ERYT 200, RYT 500


April 24—26, 2020

Module 8.300: Yoga as Exercise

Students learn additional yoga teaching skills needed to teach a yoga class as just exercise. Define the difference between a yoga class for exercise and the traditional moving meditation asana. Students will learn appropriate cuing and analyze verbiage best used for the needs of this style of teaching. Discuss the benefits of a physical focused yoga class for both student and teacher.

Instructors: Chrissy Sherry, ERYT-500 and Susan Bowen-Cressman, ERYT-200


May 15—17, 2020

Module 9.300: Yoga Immersion

Students will identify their strengths as a yoga instructor and learn how to make weaker points of instruction better. Participants will define their current personal teaching style, and determine how they can take their teaching and practice further. Students will discuss the importance of connecting with other teachers and students and dive deeper into the relationships that encompass the yoga world; student teacher, teacher to teacher, trainee to trainer, and all the other connections in between.  And how to become a more successful yoga instructor, student, and entrepreneur.

Instructors: Chrissy Sherry, ERYT-500 and Susan Bowen-Cressman, ERYT-200


Disclaimer:  Completion of this program does not guarantee employment with Simply Yoga, LLC, Lemont, IL.