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Susan — ERYT-500, YACEP

I didn’t know what I was in for when I began yoga practice within studio walls. Sure I’d done yoga for years at the gym, but finding a studio to practice in that immediately felt like home and to feel part of a real yoga community?   I was hooked. I felt the physical and mental benefits from my very first class. Over time I was really able to take that feeling with me more and more each day and found peace and balance in my life that I didn’t know was missing.

My hope is to provide that same feeling of community and balance to others by opening this studio as a home for those who wish to try yoga for the first time, or find a new yoga home at Simply Yoga.  Welcome home.


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Vanessa  — ERYT-200

I was very hesitant to take my first yoga class. I had never worked out regularly, never taken any fitness classes and did not enjoy going to a gym. Despite all that, something drew me to go into the studio. With my friend by my side, we ventured into this journey together and never looked back.

Every day on my mat truly is different and it gives me a moment in my increasingly hectic days to quiet my thoughts and just breathe. I have gained so much physical and mental strength from my practice. I find myself running to the studio because I need yoga and the sense of peace I take away with me is immeasurable. Since the first day Simply Yoga opened their doors in February 2014, I have been a part of this amazing family of close friends and instructors who love to teach and get the opportunity to guide students on this incredible yoga journey.  The months have flown by since that very first class in the studio and so many amazing students continue to find their mat and themselves with every breath in their practice.  Walking into Simply Yoga, will be like walking into your second home. That feeling of comfort, trust and community can be found within those walls. As an instructor, my goal is to help guide you in your practice so you can determine your own path connecting mind and body.  Welcome home!



Stacey  — ERYT-500

I have always had a love for fitness and I appreciate every moment I have to incorporate exercise into my life. I have been teaching group fitness since college and have found a home as a yoga instructor at Simply Yoga since we opened in 2014. I love to share the positive effects yoga has had on my life and being able to give you a workout while guiding you through a flow of breath and movement.

Yoga has become more to me than just a workout; it has become a huge part of my everyday life. I am so thankful that yoga has helped me on my personal journey and I am passionate to share this positive effect with the Simply Yoga community.

Finding your sense of self, with no judgement, to open your heart, mind and body to all possibilities and to honor your own truth – that is what you will feel at Simply Yoga.



Joanna  — ERYT-200

My journey with yoga began at the time of my life when I really needed more balance. Having athletic background, I was initially drawn to the physical aspect of yoga asana practice. After practicing for few years, and trying on many different yoga styles, I began to feel the transformation within me. Regular practice not only changed my body but gradually opened my heart and soul to a greater awareness of who I am and where I want to go in my life. I began feeling the balance, compassion, gratitude and beauty of life every time I stepped  on to my mat. Finally I was able to still my mind. Yoga became a huge part of my life… and even now, with every day it brings a new lesson.

Yoga is a union of the mind, body and spirit. Using the breath to connect mind and body, creates a space for the spirit to grow. Classes at Simply Yoga, offer safe place for you to explore your own potential. My goal as a teacher is to help you create that harmonious mind, body and spirit connection, and to inspire you to breathe into the poses to the best of your ability so that you may embark upon your own personal yoga journey. You will experience incredible transformation and learn to take your yoga off the mat and into your daily life. I would love to be your guide along that journey. Welcome to Simply Yoga.



Kim  — ERYT-200

Physical fitness has always been an important part of Kim’s life.  After a hip injury in her teens, and years of running had taken their toll on her body, she looked for a form of physical exercise that would be gentler than running.  What she found had been with her all along--yoga.  Since childhood, her coaches incorporated the physicality of yoga into her gymnastics and track practices, and she continued to use those physical poses throughout her adult life.  It wasn’t until her early 40’s that Kim discovered and connected to the emotional benefits of the practice.  She knew right away that she needed to share these benefits with others.  She completed her E-RYT 200 hour certification and continues to seek out new ways to develop a safe, nurturing, and supportive community in which students are empowered to elevate their yoga practice.  By providing a variety of classes, Kim offers her students the opportunity to explore and discover the benefits of power yoga, aerial yoga, restorative yoga, and yin yoga from beginner to advanced levels.



Christina  — ERYT-200

Christina has been practicing yoga since 2010 and became Certified to teach Vinyasa Yoga here at Simply Yoga Lemont in 2015. Since then, she has earned her E-RYT, has been certified in the Tap~n~Pow(Her) Method and is also a certified PiYo Instructor. She has attended Yoga workshops and retreats in Italy, Chicago and California.

Christina’s goal with each class is to provide a deep vinyasa-based practice that encourages a more internal exploration of the poses using the breath and a calm, focused mind.

She uses music to create a sense of rhythm and focus in her classes to help link breath with movement and flow through each pose. Her classes are both physically challenging and mentally reflective. Some of her classes are a bit more challenging but Christina encourages everyone to work at their own pace, using blocks, straps, bolsters and weights, and to be mindful that the practice of yoga in an evolution, not a destination. “Ultimately, the desire is to become the person off the mat that you are on mat; strong, flexible, balanced and able to face the world in a more present way.”



Amy — ERYT-200

Amy joined a friend for a yoga class 12 years ago and hasn’t looked back. She completed her RYT 200 at Simply Yoga in May of 2015. Amy loves yoga because it forces her to not take herself too seriously, allows her to eat all the chocolate she wants and because it’s the only activity that truly stops the chatter in her head!

Amy’s classes challenge her students with new poses and creative sequencing, encourage a spirit of playfulness and provide a warm environment to build strength and flexibility. She also appreciates the calming power and deep release offered by a Restorative practice. Watching her students as they explore and grow in their own practice inspires Amy. In her home practice she enjoys getting upside down, arm balancing and a long savasana.
When not at the yoga studio, Amy enjoys sharing her love of cooking and baking with her husband, children and friends, playing with her two naughty (but cute) dogs and traveling.



Toni — RYT-200

A year after losing my mother to dementia, I was searching for something to fill a hole in my life and my heart.  Simply Yoga opened and I bought a package that first month and committed to a regular practice. I quickly started to see results in my physical and emotional well-being. The instructors were all so motivating and insightful and I felt comfortable and welcomed.  I wanted to share that feeling with others and learn more about yoga so I joined  SY’s teacher training program in late 2015 and by the next summer, I was working with private clients and teaching at Simply Yoga and a country club in the western suburbs.  I also teach a weekly class at the company I work for in downtown Chicago as part of their wellness program. 

I love the versatility of yoga and believe it is the perfect way to stay active and healthy as you age.  I encourage people who are looking for a great way to reduce stress, improve flexibility and balance to try yoga.  Our studio has a format for everyone, a knowledgeable staff and welcoming community – I hope to see you on the mat!




Melissa — RYT-200

I have always had a love for fitness and I appreciate every moment I have to incorporate exercise into my life. I have been teaching group fitness since college and have found a home as a yoga instructor at Simply Yoga since we opened in 2014. I love to share the positive effects yoga has had on my life and being able to give you a workout while guiding you through a flow of breath and movement.

Yoga has become more to me than just a workout; it has become a huge part of my everyday life. I am so thankful that yoga has helped me on my personal journey and I am passionate to share this positive effect with the Simply Yoga community.

Finding your sense of self, with no judgement, to open your heart, mind and body to all possibilities and to honor your own truth – that is what you will feel at Simply Yoga.



Jestine — RYT-200

I started my first yoga class four years ago to help with my anxiety and stress levels and fell in love right away. I had gotten an ‘awaken’ feeling in my first savasana and was hooked ever since. In my mind, I thought this was what I have been searching for. Alongside the mental benefits, I also felt my body getting stronger, more toned and more flexible. Every practice is extremely different, but every practice is also a small step forward, in which your body and mind learns new things. I am pleasantly surprised every time I find my body coming into an asana that I was never able to do months or years prior.

I am very passionate about healing the emotional and physical body, and am mindful of this while teaching my students. I do not believe in a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to yoga- every body is different and everyone comes to class for different reasons, and I whole heartily respect that as I guide you through your own practice. My goal is to allow my students to feel safe, free of judgment and encourage you to learn something new about yourself through practice as you focus inwards. You are the most important piece to my class, and I would love to have you join the Simply Yoga community.


Anna — RYT-200

I have always loved to exercise. As the years went by I realized I needed a way to work out that would not leave me feeling like I might injure myself  by trying to keep up with the instructors.  Discovering yoga was a life changer.  No mirrors, no competition and a unique experience every class made me realize I found a new home.  Yoga is my healthy addiction and I hope to inspire others to embrace this lifestyle as well.  




Jessica  — RYT-200 

My journey with yoga started with a lunch time class on my old college campus back in 2004. After dabbling in classes from time to time, I found it never really resonated like it did for others. Fast forward to March 2014, when My best friends and I purchased a Groupon for a new place called Simply Yoga in Lemont. From my first class with Vanessa V, I was hooked and haven’t looked back. It wasn’t long before I decided to take my yoga journey a bit further and completed the 200hr yoga teacher certification program in May 2017. Since then, I have been able to incorporate teaching yoga into my full time work as a therapist, with private clients, as well as with folks in the Simply Yoga community.

As a mental health professional, I am very passionate about healing the self, emotionally and physically. Yoga allows you the opportunity to build mental and physical strength as well as a sense of peace every time you come to your mat. My goal is to help guide each person through an empowering moving meditation that connects the mind, body, and spirit as well as encourages balance and harmony. My hope is this will help bring awareness to your present strengths as well as inspire curiosity as you grow in your journey on your mat. I have always loved how Simply Yoga provides a feeling of community and a space in which I feel I can call home. I hope to share this same feeling with you when you practice in our studios. Welcome Home!



Lindsey — RYT-200 

Lindsey was first introduced to yoga in 2012 and immediately fell in love.  As a Lemont local, she naturally found a home at Simply Yoga Lemont to strengthen her practice and complete her teacher training.

Lindsey is continually amazed how yoga has strengthened her body while helping her find more inner peace and gratitude for all of life’s moments.  With a soft voice, fun jams, and a variety of sequences, Lindsey strives to create challenging classes that reward her students’ mind, body, and soul. 

When she’s not on her mat, you’ll find Lindsey teaching middle school math, lacing up her gym shoes for a distance run or walk with her pups, and hanging with her loved ones. 



Chrissy   — E-RYT 500, YACEP 

Chrissy came to yoga seeking relief from debilitating anxiety as a teenager and continued her love of the practice into adulthood. The mat was where she found solace, peace, and balance when her mind was all encompassing and her anxiety had her spinning. Curious as to how yoga worked so well, Chrissy signed up for teacher training, never planning to stand up and teach to students.

Chrissy was certified to teach in 2012 with Adrienne Smith and was inspired to share the practice with others and…teach. Helping others who had suffered with anxiety fueled Chrissy’s fire to deepen her yoga education/training, eventually gaining her 500hr certification. With years of teaching and experience Chrissy has recently gained her E-RYT 500 and is leading our 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training Program right here at Simply Yoga. Yoga has changed the life and the path for Chrissy, so she would like to further her reach in helping others better themselves and their practice through trainings.

When not in the studio, Chrissy is an artist, painting and creating in her studio when she can find time away from her responsibilities as a mommy. Most of Chrissy’s free time is spent caring for, spending time with, and having massive dance parties with her sweet little three year old, Everleigh. Spending time with her husband and daughter outdoors is where you will find her most of the time, as she calls that her “happy place”.



Chad — RYT-200 

Back in December 2012 I threw my back out lifting weights while living in Bakersfield, CA. I spent about a year working on getting my lower back to a place it was prior to the injury. I knew and felt that the cause of my lower back issues was directly related to having a weak core.

Fast forward to December 2013, I decided to work on my core and do my best to never have to go through the whole back injury thing again. I didn't want to go back to the gym at the time so I decided to sign up for my first yoga class that December. It was a heated class and the duration of the class was 1 1/2 hours long. I absolutely fell in love with the practice. At the time I didn't know that I was regularly attending a Bikram yoga class. It challenged me as all levels of my being physically, emotional/mentally and spiritually. As I continued my practice, I felt myself getting stronger and stronger. The thought of ever going back to the weight room diminished over time. I found this practice that I was going to incorporate for the rest of my life. Practicing yoga to me at the time and still does just feels right. It challenges me to bring the best version of myself into the world.

I'm moved back to Chicago in June 2014 and I knew that I needed to find a place to continue my practice. I checked out several studios when I returned back home to Chicago. I found a home at Simply Yoga in Lemont. The vibe felt right for me and that's where I've continued my yoga practice.

My core is stronger than it has ever been. I feel my confidence and courage to embrace all of life has strengthened right along side my yoga practice. I'm grateful that the opportunity to teach yoga came into my life a few years back. The benefits seem to keep revealing themselves to me as I continue to move deeper and deeper into my practice. I look forward to sharing yoga with everyone and anyone who is interested, as I journey down the road. I look forward to meeting you on our mats.




Kathy — RYT-200 

Yoga and especially yoga studios have always intimidated me!  It wasn’t until yoga was offered as part of my gym membership that I decided to give it a try.  I have taken many fitness classes in the past and thought it would be easy to master.  Boy was I wrong!  I was frustrated with myself as I struggled with everything from the breathing; to the balancing and getting my body to move the way the instructor cued the poses.  Also, being a competitive person, I constantly judged my poses and flexibility with those around me.  However, as I lied there in savasana after each session, I felt positive changes in my mind and body that I was pleased with which kept me coming back. I started to notice small successes in my own practice and stopped worrying about those around me.  Over the years I have developed an appreciation for what my body could do (instead of what it couldn’t do) and have come to understand that it’s not about mastering the poses.  It’s about taking the time to get in touch with my own body and spirit.

My goal as a yoga teacher is to provide a nonjudgmental atmosphere that is welcoming for everyone regardless of his or her fitness level and yoga experience. I truly believe yoga can benefit all of us and that carving out time in your busy schedule for a regular yoga practice can make a huge impact in your overall health and well-being.  Please join me on my journey as I continue to grow with each and every new practice just as you will if you give it a chance! Namaste!